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#2 Reason to come see the funny stage play Miracle Hall as Kizzie James

Miracle Hall plays Kizzie James the no nonsense receptionist at the label. The director turned actor step up to the plate to fill this role after another cast member backed out. Adversity, is inevitable at Hoodrich Entertainment but is all Good in the Hood. 

Miracle is an visual artist, dancer, and actor. She painted the Hoodrich Logo

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The Future!! Hoodrich The Play Reason #3 We on one The Past Melvin Van Peebles Diana Ross and Pam Grier

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#4 The cast TMill as Chris P the boss man Holding it Down!!

Tim Miller plays Chris P the owner of the one and only Hoodrich Entertainment recording studio. He is the man with the plan that holds it all together, or can he? One week til curtain and Hoodrich is hurtin can Chris P dream become a reality.~Hoodrichtheplay #thehoodscripted. #HSVEdition of the play would not have been possible without his leadership and organization. 

Heres What Tim Miller as been up to

Paradox East - Progressing and preserving the culture.
We are a multimedia company that specializes in producing news & entertainment.
Some of are work and service for our clients includes but not limited to...... (Links are clickable)
Internet Radio Production - In tune with T.mill - Facebook - Website
ASCAP Producer,Songwriter, Engineer, Graduate of Full Sail University - DeRon
Freelance digital journalism for - Ha Candy Magazine  #1 Digital Magazine in NY & Las Vegas. 
We also specialize in
Social media promotion
Audio & Radio Commercials
Original music production for tv & film licensing.
Press Release
Newsletter Creation
Press Kit
and more.
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#Reason #5 Charlea Devaroux as CoCo One night Only Huntsville Own R&B Diva

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#6 Eagle Flight Entertainment is in the building Tavares Pope as Jersey

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Going Strong @ #8 Lil Vo from Empire is taking every advantage of the Chicago film industry. He's hanging out with Us on 01.01.2016 @Envy in Huntsville Al

Lil Vo

Lil Vo (born Travis Cox; 29 Sept. 1993, in Chicago, IIllinois) is a urban song writer and performer noted for Hip Hop inspired songs. He lived most of his life on the West side of Chicago where he was influenced by the up and coming label ELZ. Once Lil Vo recognized his own talent he ventured out on his own and started his own record label called E.G.M. Lil Vo has a prolific catalogue which includes several mixtapes titled 1) Heartbreak 2) Expect the Unexpected 1, 2 & 3, 3) The Lost.
  Lil Vo current projects includes features on the hit T.V. show (Empire) season 2 Spike Lee (Chiraq)
TV Show (Shameless)
 Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes
A host of collaboration which includes the following up and coming Producers , Solo on tha Track, Ju Beats,
 Artists line up include
For additional info including recent songs and photos visit

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Making History!! Hoodrich Documentary #Reason9 01.01.2016 Come see the play

We've been documenting as much as possible getting behind the scenes footage of what it takes to produce a stage play. Go to to see  never seen before footage of some huntsville outtakes. We making history.
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Hood=The Black Community We down to the Top Ten Reason to come see a Stage Play Its about to get real!!!

Garret Augustus Morgan, one of the country's most successful African-American inventors, created two – the gas mask and the traffic signal.

Born in the last quarter of the nineteenth century to former slaves, Garrett A. Morgan was only formally educated to a sixth-grade level. Fortunately, like many great inventors, Morgan had an innate mechanical mind that enabled him to solve problems. And, unlike most other inventors, he also was a skilled entrepreneur.

After moving to Cleveland, Ohio, at the age of 18, Garrett Morgan's business sense and strong work ethic led him to almost immediate success. He invented and patented the first chemical hair straightener, started his own sewing equipment repair business, and even established a newspaper – the Cleveland Call.

But Morgan's most prolific accomplishments came in his role as an inventor. He received a patent for the first gas mask invention in 1914, but it wasn't until two years later that the idea really took off. When a group of workers got stuck in a tunnel below Lake Erie after an explosion, Morgan and a team of men donned the masks to help get them out. After the rescue was a success, requests for the masks began pouring in.

Similarly, Garrett Morgan's other famous invention – the traffic signal – was also invented to help save lives. After witnessing an accident on a roadway, Morgan decided a device was needed to keep cars, buggies and pedestrians from colliding. His traffic signal was designed to stand on a street corner and notify vehicles and walkers whether they should stop or go. After receiving a patent in 1923, the rights to the invention were eventually purchased by General Electric.

courtesy of

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The Cast #11 Donique Harwood plays Creamy

Why his momma name him Creamy? The best BFF a friend could ever ask for Creamy's character is relatable. Donique is from Hanceville Alabama. A born star, talented and somewhat touched; he is going to bring the house down with laughs.
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