#6 Eagle Flight Entertainment is in the building Tavares Pope as Jersey

In Business all you got is your word and your name. On July 15 2015 we touched down in Huntsville Al holding our first round of casting call. Tavares also known as Yung Petro beat us to the community center. From day one he handled his business. Real hustlers are like Eagles they fly alone, explore new heights, and challenge themselves and others. Yet an Eagle is never to large to assist another Eagle in distress. S/O to his wife and family for gracing us with his presence. He has made a powerful impact on the whole Hoodrich The Play Movement, but yay, thats what Eagles do! 


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  • No DVD but the Documentary is going to be Epic!! Elizabeth thanks for your comments.

    • Samone Exec. of Hoodrich The Play
  • Awesome Play!!! I’m Waiting Patiently On The DVD!!! :)

    • Elizabeth