Organic Spring Market~Keep It 100

Orgnic Spring Market

Peace and Love, Come thru Saturday, March 9-10 2019 to enjoy the festivaties at 1001 3rd Ave West in Birmingham Al 35204.

Yall, this is a free event that will host entreprenuers and performers  highlighting wellness, and the wholistic approach to living.

We are expecting everyone to soak up the good vibes and sunshine as we mingle outside .

We are looking for sellers of dopeness including artist, food, clothing, handcrated items, yoga, massage therapist, natural healers, organizations and everything in between. click the link for vendor information

It would be an honor if your company and all the great things you make and do to be apart of this affair. Reach out to us by filling out the information below and we will respond immediately. 

The Market will help our intiatives to build a permanent fresh food and juice bar in the Bush Hills-Ensley area. Large supermarket chains have been slow to build, yet dollar stores have multiplied rapidly. Lack of access to healthy food contributes to a host of mental and physical problems. Building positive establishment in our neighborhoods is detrimental to our well being. 

Some of the proceeds will benefit Soulhouse, a retreat like house dedicated to offering tools to individuals dealing with everyday stresses.