Family of Businesses

We are family, with a love for providing handmade natural products. Whether it is food, health and wellness products we play close attention to each ingredient. Our customers are friends, friends of friends, and those who hear about us through great reviews. Our Mission is to provide handmade natural products with ingredients that enhances your physical well being.


Samone Hall is the creator of Fever's Grill and Juice Bar and Soul House Retreat. The restaruant was created to fill a void for good tasting healthy options in urban communities. Food consumption should taste good to you and be good for you. The mother/daughter collabo are vegetarian and vegans themselves and belive in the wholistic approach to living. Studies show that what you eat has a direct link to how you feel and act. Garden veggies, fruits, beans and nuts gives you positive vibrational energy needed to maintain a healthy body.
Fever’s is named after a family member who wanted to start a family business; but never got the opportunity due to gun violence in 1999. 
She is Soul House Retreats' online concierge for sales and marketing.
Creator of Soul House Skincare line created from using all natural fruits, veggies and oils.




Miesha Hall is the creator of Pink Vulva Yoni Steam and Herbal Bath.She is Alumni at Alabama A&M University, with a bachelors degree in Nutrition & Hospitality Mgt. Miesha was the first one in our family to go vegan, setting the trend for our family. She will manage Fever's Grill and Juice Bar and Market. She has worked many years in the restaurant business. Starting out at Papa Murphys pizza at 16 and Key managing at Carabba's Itilian Grill at 23 while in college. Miesha is also the Content Manager handling design for our websites and social media pages. She works hard to make sure our Bed and Spas are clean and stocked.


Miracle Hall is a freelance artist, vegan advocate and more. Throughout the Midwest and Southern U.S. her recognizable canvasses are bold colored acrylic paintings of feminine characters, vegetation, nature and animals. She offers live painting and paint classes. During her live paintings, onlookers absorb positive energy and good vibrations. Her stroke and sip paint classes are fun loving and get the creative juices flowing. You can view her art on Facebook at blaclunar23. Advocating for veganism, she focuses on millennials in low-income, urban communities where healthy eating choices are not an option. She uses social media, podcast, and panel discussions and her peers are taking notes. Miracle sees the damage that unhealthy eating causes her community and is taking the initiative by creating plant-based products and offering meditation and yoga services in the areas that she calls home.

Miracle is also the mother of cutest baby boy his name is Wisdom!