Collection: Farüshakares

 I am Krystal Aaronique Brown. Born and raised in Carol City in Miami-Dade, Florida. Graduated from Alabama A&M University spring of 2017 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in Marketing and a minor in apparel merchandising and design. I walked across the stage nearly 9 months pregnant with my first born son Ra Taj Mekhi Whitlow. I am a self educated natural healer with a focus in women reproduction. I performed an unassisted home water birth, self diagnosed myself with a 2nd degree perineal tear. I healed myself using natural herbs, such as the 13 powerful healing herbs from the yoni steam. I am now a growing entrepreneur. I have mastered hairstyling, being in practice for 10+ years and now expanding my horizons with natural healing. My goals are to heal myself as a woman with efforts to heal and rebuild the sisterhood. #FarushaKares is my product line that was launched April 15th. I started with 3 products, Yoniversal Massage Oil, Advanced Skin Therapy Cream, and Rosemary bath powder. StyleTheKrown is my hair business where I provide services including weaving, braiding, natural styles, locks, kids braids, and so much more. I created my wig closet #ChynahsAlluringWigCollection where I provide costume wigs to those people who have that exotic side of them and love and need that spark of color and style for spunk. I am artistic and extremely creative. I use my different areas of creativity to express myself through art. Summer of 2018, I plan to join one of my sisters to launch a clothing line designed for the free spirit with a voice for building back our community. I am universal favor and eternal abundance, I am Sakhamtat KaaAshtat Farusha. I am that I am and all that was, is and is to come. LoveFarusha??‍♀️
3 products
  • Yoniversal Massage Oil
  • Advanced Skin Therapy
  • Rose Mary Bath Powder