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Reason #22 #notjustaplay


We wrote it out of sheer enjoyment. Envisioning a time and place where you can always go to laugh, count on one another and get through the hardtimes together. Imagine That.....

Hoodrich Entertainment is a stage play, written by three sisters Tahsa Jones, Letecia McGaughy, Samone McGaughy.  The sisters started an advertising, marketing, and promotions in 2007 termed Tre’sista (pronounced Tra’Cee’sta), this is Swahili for three sisters. After the success of several events they decided to write a play.  It was natural for them to start writing. Tasha and Letecia were avid poets and Samone is a Female MC.


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#Reason 23 Tell A Story #thegrio

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Reason #24 Laughter

Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.
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Reason #25 Why attend Hoodrich Entertainment A Stage Play on 01.01.2016

The Wiz!!! Live stage production is such an memorable experience. Up close and personal with the characters who create an imaginery world in front of your eyes. There's no second takes. This is where passion meets fun. Come out Jan,1 2016 to Envy Entertainment and Restaurant in Huntsville Al and catch one of the two shows. 
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Black Friday Sale

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Cultivating Leaders Actors and Performers C.L.A.A.P

 C.L.A.A.P (Cultivating Leaders Actors and Performers) is a program committed to enriching the lives of young people through dance, art, entreprise and theatre.

  1. Teaching Self Love
  2. Self Acceptance
  3. Self Care-Making good choices,
  4. Self Analysis
  5. Self Esteem
  6. Teaching the principle of working together Ecclesiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.
  7. Teaching socio-economic growth via ownership and reinvesting in the community

These life skills are essential in preparing youth into becoming well-balanced, successful citizens.

We are currently seeking Instructors, mentors and a Board of Directors to help teach acting, dancing, singing, business and entrepreneurship.

Here are some of the Board Members:

Marcus Echols of

Rocket City Classic USA International Trade Show

Hoodrich Entertainment: The Play

Wear U Get That LLC

Theatre Teaches

Self Esteem                                                                            Tolerance                                                                                  Collabration-working through a process together to achieve something that would be impossible by my              Setting Goals                                                                         Organization                                                                          Don’t take life too serious                                                Everyone has a purpose                                                         The quality of being clever, original, and inventive            Relieves stress                                                                           Public Speaking                                                                         Diplomacy                                                                                   Leadership                                                                                Self Control/Controlled Behavior                                                                   It’s  okay to shine and be successful

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Radio Interview w/ Marcus Echols on

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My view

Language and Culture

Recently Raven Symone spoke candidly about “ghetto names” and how she would not hire someone with the name, Watermelondria. Later I viewed videos using the same language “ just because someone has a" ghetto name” doesn’t mean they are not qualified.

 When we let another ethnicity belittle our way of life and take on their customs, we are de-valued. Letecia, and Tameka, and Watermelondria (lol) are not airquote “ghetto" names. They are names which represent an African American tradition that we should be proud of.  

 At this point doesn’t matter what name African Americans chose to label our children, it will be considered ghetto, because it is not in the name, it is in our culture. If another culture refuses to recognize that there is beauty in differences shame on them, if you are embarrassed about your heritage than shame on you.

We dance different, we cook with soul, we laugh loud, we pray hard, we speak with vigor, we got big ass families, and big asses, we create beauty from nothing. We have our own culture. In the the words of 2 chains I’m Different ,I’m Different.

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#HSV Huntsville Cast and Crew

October 3, 2015
Media Contact: Wear U Get That LLC

Marketing Dept. Eurydice McGaughy-Hall (317)453-0120


HoodRich Entertainment: The Play.

Save the Date: January 1, 2016

We are excited to set off the 2016 HoodRich Entertainment: A Stage Play tour in the Rocket City, home to an historical HBCU, Alabama A&M. In Huntsville Al, everyone is a celebrity, to be among the elite is an honor, and we plan on make history #HSV.

New Year’s Day, come nourish the body and soul with good vibes and energy while sipping on Mimosa’s and good eats; after a night of hard partying we know how real it gets.#turnup. #seeuthere

Relax, as you watch a two-hour dramatic-comedy, HoodRich Entertainment: A Stage Play derived from Tre’sista Productions marketing and promotions company est. 2007, owned by three sisters. As women coming from the lower class neighborhoods in the Midwest, they were “determined to put dreams into action.” The script is a humorous look at the music industry coming from a hood point of view. The title, HoodRich does not mean money. It speaks of our most precious resources intellectual property. Knowing, one can come from the hood but to get riches one must know his/her gifts and talents. The writer and producer Eurydice McGaughy-Hall is passionate about writing, speaking and building platforms for socioeconomic growth.  

Cast members include Deez Deez Matthews as Kizzie James, Tim Miller as Chris “P”, Taveres Pope as Jersey, Char'lea  Devarouxas CoCo , Donique Harwood as Creamy, Directed by Miracle Hall with guest appearances and performances.  Get a glimpse of HoodRich Entertainment’s reality as they search for the meaning of success.

Wear U Get That LLC founded in 2010 in Indianapolis In, believes that social responsibility is key to a thriving business. Email  for sponsorship and partnership opportunities.


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#wearugetthat 2015 Inspirational Women

U missed Wednesday night bible study! You are in luck our pick for inspirational women comes from the bible, The book of Ruth. She has made it to 3rd place on ‪#‎wearugetthat‬’s 2015 list of inspiring women. Because of her obedience, loyalty, nurturing and giving spirit as well as her business sense she is someone to know. Plus it turns out she’s Jesus granny.
1. Sister Souljah
2.Mona Scott-Young
3. The book of Ruth (Bible)
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