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Good Luck and Big Bucks Happy New Year 2019

Carver was an African-American scientist, botanist, educator, and inventor. The exact day and year of his birth are unknown, but he is believed to have been born into a slave family in Missouri, in the early 1860’s. He published 44 bulletins on the cultivation and use of a range of these crops, and a number of them contained recipes. Bulletin No. 13 How to Cook the Cow Pea, published in 1908

Here's one of his recipes

Chow Chow of Peas.

Take one quart of tender peas in the pod, one quart of shelled green peas, one quart of green tomatoes, chopped, one quart of chopped onions, one pint of chopped peppers (half green and half ripe) half a cup of white mustard seed, half cup of salt, four stalks of celery chopped fine. Add sugar and curry powder to taste. The peas should be put into cold water and brought to a boil, drop in a lump of soda the size of a pea, boil until one-third cooked, drain water off thoroughly, wash in cold water, drain and chop before adding the other ingredients. Cover with cold vinegar.

excerpt from

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Soul House Retreat got the Hook-UP

Soul House Got the Hook-UP
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Face Book Memories

I truly have a love hate relationship with the fakebook. I do love how it privately and publicly allows us to recall memories. 

When I think back to my childhood memories they are hard to recollect I normally end up calling my big sis who has the memory of an elephant. The other day I was peeling sweet potatoes for our new pop up vegan restaurant and I heard my uncle Donnie's voice who is no longer with us in the flesh say  "Hey Pooh" you doing good! then he laughed. The sound of his laughter was good to hear. Like I said childhood memories are very faint. Even so I do remember one time I cut my foot on a piece of glass as child and he was there. I cried heavily seeing so much blood and he soothed my fears and then gave me money. He'd done it again I thought! sooth my fears about opening up a new restaurant, in new city, and having little food industry knowledge. Thanks Unc now show me the money!

My adult life can get so busy that I forget basic life rules. So today a status I posted 4 years ago popped up in my memories

The first memory says I will go anywhere-provided it is forward. When an entrepreneur sets out on an idea they have to be willing to risk a lot. Most won't understand the logic behind your moves. A year ago I was comfortably running a small rental car business and due to some great financial planning I'd bought a condo that would allow me to live rent free. This new vegan restaurant is so essential to urban communities, I would no doubt felt like a was missing something in my life had I made the choice to continue on a different path in my comfortable little condo.

Which leads me to the second FB memory. My spiritual relationship with the creator has never steered me wrong. The scripture above talks about imitating Christ like humility. Humility can be a hard lesson to learn. Offering compassion and tenderness to those that don't reciprocate it is the hardest thing for me, but today I will make it my business to please the creator and try to imitate the creators beautiful spirit!


This blog is entitled "Journaling the business of life. It is a way for me to easily reminiscence certain occasions and people at pivotal moments on my business journey.

The importance of cherishing your memories can help shape your character or  remembering why you started out on your new venture can aid that motivation. So kudos to Facebook for adding a little motivation to my day. Now off to get pedicures #RelaxOften #EatOrganic #LiveWell










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The Power Of Healing

One day I was the owner of a car rental company and then life happened. The  very next I was CFO of Pink Vulva Yoni Steam and Herbal Baths managing sales and marketing loading my car at 5:30 am heading to Chicago IL to hold an hour conference on Black Art and the Power of Healing.
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IndyVegFest March 31, 2018 Indianapolis, In Its Free!!!


Miracle Hall owner of BlacLunar 23 and Soul House Retreat.

Miracle Hall is a 21 year old freelance artist, vegan advocate and more. Throughout the Midwest and Southern U.S., her recognizable canvasses are bold colored acrylic paintings of feminine characters, vegetation, nature and animals. She offers live painting and paint classes. During her live paintings, onlookers absorb positive energy and good vibrations. As well her stroke and sip paint classes are fun loving and get the creative juices flowing. You can view her art on Facebook at blaclunar23.

Advocating for veganism, she focuses on millennial's in low-income, urban communities where healthy eating choices are not an option. She uses social media, podcast, and panel discussions and her peers are taking notes. Miracle sees the damage that unhealthy eating causes her community and is taking the initiative by creating plant-based products and offering meditation and yoga services in the areas that she calls home.

Come by and check her out

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March 9th Forgiveness

I've been studying the power of energy and how forgiveness can be so freeing. I want that, I thought had that, I thought I was there. I'v been doing lots of meditation, breathing exercises and some yoga. But, recently I saw someone associated with the tragedy and I froze, all of the emotions and negative feelings came rushing back, especially thoughts of revenge. 
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Good Times! Good Times! All-in-One The Poet The OG

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The perfect venue for a stage play! Welcome to the Hoodrich Entertainment The Play Experience

Searching for the perfect place for a stage play takes time and patience. Choices need to be made that will create an optimal production. Cities and Places change but the game don't. Theatre is still theatre. weaurgetthat productions goal is to provide an upscale theatre experience,we ask ourselves how did the audience, the actors, the staff feel after the play, which means we are continually working on processes and ideas to take our theatrical stage plays to the next level. God Thank you for today,progress and growth. We are moving forward and upward #psalm 23. On to the next one #4. 


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LaLa More Pics from Hoodrich The Stage Play.


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After the After Party

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